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2018 Wilmette Waves Invitational (June 15th-16th)

 Friday June 15th   Saturday June 16th
 June 15th 10:00
 Wilmette Waves vs. Evanston
Waves win 1-0
June 16th 10:00
Wilmette Waves vs. Force Elite
Waves win 2-0
June 15th 12:15
Evanston vs. Morton Grove
Evanston wins 11-0
June 16th 12:15
Force Elite vs. Evanston
Evanston wins 3-2
June 15th 2:30
Morton Grove vs. Force Elite
Force Elite wins 9-6
June 16th 2:30
Wilmette Waves vs. Morton Grove

Waves win 14-1

Team Name   Record  Overall Finish 
 Evanston  2-1
 Force Elite   1-2   3rd 
 Morton Grove  0-3
 Wilmette Waves   3-0  1st 

Tournament Rules:
-Wooden bat only
-8 Run rule after 5 innings
-2 Hour time limit to the start of a new inning (Exception: all tied games will be completed)
-IHSA Rules will apply for all other rulings

Final Standings:
1. Record
2. Head-to-head
3. Runs allowed all tournament 
4. Coin toss

Tournament fee: $450 plus 2 baseball each game